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Situated in the heart of Brussels, Jimex company offers, since 1970, identification, control and security products. Jimex is established throughout Belgium  and serves more than 1000 customers in a variety of industries (communication and event agencies, security, Institutions, hotels, swimming pools, hospitals...); Jimex gives itself all the means to propose innovative and quality products.

All our products are minutely tested and controlled in our workshop by qualified people. We also possess a workshop of hot stamping and laser to personalize our products with your names, brands or logos.


Security seals

Plastic seals and metallic seals , for containers or small bags, Jimex proposes a wide range of security seals for your needs in the safety of transport. We have a workshop of marking (laser and hot stamping) to identify your products for a better traceability.

Cable ties

Cable ties we have a wide range of widths and lengthes and in different colours.These cable ties can be marked with your names or logos and of a consecutive numbering. We have models with unique closure or reusable.

Security wristbands

In Tyvek, in vinyl or in woven, Jimex offers a wide choice of control wristbands. All of our security wristbands can be personalized with a name, a brand or a logo. A wide range of colours is available according to the model and 'funnier' wristbands are at your disposal for 'trendier' evenings.

Badge holders and lanyards

Jimex has various models of badge holders. Soft or rigid, you will find certainly the one who corresponds to your needs. Lanyards are also at your disposal in the model of your choice.


We can send you samples so that you can realize the quality of our products.



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Cable ties



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